. Mechinery And Tools

Mechinery and tools

Lab’s and Equipments

The Cabro laboratory can supervise all production phases and certify the final product. It also performs external tests and tests on behalf of third parties, using special control and monitoring procedures, that ensure high reliability as regards the achieved results.

Our lab services:

  • Testing for Research and Development projects
  • Monitoring of the production stages
  • Testing of incoming precious metals
  • Testing of outgoing Cabro products to get an analysis certificate that complies with our customers’ requirements and with the legislation in force in terms of actual composition and levels of contaminants
  • Analysis on behalf of third parties 


    The laboratory is the place where Ceratec is projected into the future, that is the place where ideas and research come together in order to find accessible solutions to highly complex formulas through unexplored roads.

    Our lab is the starting point for each of our new products, thanks to the reliability of state-of-the-art and highly sophisticated machinery for the analysis of precious metals.

    The analytical lab uses both traditional and modern methods, that is based on advanced technologies.


    For quite some time now, Ceratec has been determined to foster research and innovation to find new solutions, providing a wide range of products spanning all types of international clientele. All our products are highly innovative and sophisticated from a technological and qualitative standpoint.

    Tradition and innovation are thus combined, well supported by a strong commitment to the environment, in order to face every possible challenge and to always be in tune with the times in an ever-evolving marke

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