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Heterogeneous catalysts supported by activated carbon: these are solid products, consisting of platinum particles finely dispersed on a substrate consisting, generally, of a powdered activated carbon of different origin. Platinum is the component that then intervenes in the different reactions in which the catalyst is used in order to improve its conversion, kinetics and selectivity. In the course of similar reactions, platinum black is formed, which is the active catalyst.

our Platinum Products


Platinum Products 

Cat No. Product No. Color Shades  Usage   Firing Temp
6PSP 6PSP 101 Gray Platinum light Glass 550-680
6PSP 102 Gray Platinum  Glass 550-680
6PSP 103 Gray Platinum dark Glass 550-680
7PSP 7PSP 120 Gray Platinum light Ceramic 720-880
7PSP 121 Gray Platinum dark Ceramic 720-880
8PSP 8PSP 130 Gray Platinum  Porcelain 780-900
Benefits and Advantages
It is recommended for a range of common platinum reactions over carbon catalysts, such as reduction of nitro group to hydroxylamine, dinitro toluene to toluenediamine, imine to primary amine, hydrazones to hydrazines, ketones to the corresponding alcohol.


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