. Metallic

Metallic Colors

Screen printing gives the advantage to print on a very wide range of surfaces such as paper, cardboard, plastic,
leather, textile, metal. Very performing metallic pigments provide an improvement in gloss and metallic effect
which are further enhanced when using coarse metallic pigments with a 5µm up to 60µm. In order to avoid
the clogging of the screen mesh at any time, it is recommended to choose mesh grades based on 60µm grain size.


Metallic Colors

Cat No. Product No. Color Shades Usage Firig Temp. Explanation Content
50M 50M100-50M120 various colors Glass 550-600 non resistant  
60M 60M500-60M530 various colors Glass-Opal Glass 580-620 high resistant Metallic.pdf
70M 70M700-70M730 various colors Ceramic-Porcelain 700-750 high resistant  
90M 90M900-90M970 various colors Hard Porcelain 900-950 high resistant  


Technical information

  • best firing conditions depends on type of ware and kiln
  • We recommend that you test the application of the colors under your conditions before use
  • High resistant and intensive colors.
  • Lead and cadmium free
  • Lead and cadmium-free glass colors absorb any moisture easily. therefore, keep powder colors in a dry place. We recommend drying the color powder before using it.
  • Control resistant and temperature with Ceratec flux No.125
  • Normal firing cycle of 60-170 minutes, cold-to-cold, with 10-15 minutes for soaking
  • Metallic colors are suitable for screen printing, direct printing, spraying, pad printing and hand painting 
  • Thermal Expansion (C.O.E): Varies between 9.0-9.5 x 10-6/ C

Acid Resistance 

According to the DI EN 1388-1-2 test, High-resistant Ceratec Metallic colors do not show any visible attack after immersion in a 4% acetic solution for 24 hours at room temperature 20-24 Centigrade.


Alkali Resistance

According to the ASTM C556-88 test, High-resistant Ceratec Metallic colors do not show any visible attack for up to 4 hours.

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