. Brushing Golds

Brushing Golds

1.Brushing Golds Leaf

Brushing is a technique used to enhance the appearance of gold leaf by making it smoother, shinier, and
more reflective. After gold leaf is applied to a surface, a Brushing tool, typically made of agate or other hard materials, is used to
gently rub or polish the gold leaf. The pressure and friction applied during the Brushing process help smooth out any imperfections,
compact the gold particles, and create a more polished and lustrous surface.


1.1:Brushing Golds

Brushing gold refers to a specific type of finish or texture applied to gold surfaces, such as jewelry or decorative
It is achieved by using a Brushing tool or technique to create a smooth, glossy, and reflective surface on the gold. The Brushing
finish can give the gold a refined and elegant appearance, often with a mirror-like shine.



Brushed gold preparations, commonly referred to as burnish golds or Brushed golds, are based on precious metal powders dissolved
in oil and resin systems. Within these preparations, additional sub-metals work as adhesion promoters and ensure a good mechanical
and chemical adhesion after firing.
To achieve the rich silk matt golden appearance that these gold decorations are known for, the fired metal layer needs to be Brushed .
Before Brushing , the fired metal layer looks dull and matt. The Brushing process pushes the metal particles into the desired order
and the preferred golden silk matt appearance comes to light. Brushing is typically carried out with glass fibers, often with the help of
Brushing machines. Traditionally, sea sand was used.
The fired Brushed gold layer is far thicker than the metal layers of bright golds or matt golds. The stronger metal deposit has a
positive impact on the decoration’s mechanical and chemical resistance. Depending on the firing conditions and the substrate glaze,
Brushing gold decorations can achieve excellent mechanical and chemical resistance as well as high dishwasher durability.






1.3:Brushing Gold Color Shades


Brushing golds come in different metal color shades: from lemon to yellow to yellow-red. If Brushed golds are combined with platinum orpalladium, also whitish platinum to yellowish platinum color shades can be achieved.


1.4:Applying Brushing Golds

For brush application, liquid burnish golds are used. For direct screen printing and decal production, burnish gold pastes are
With their polished silk-like appearance as well as their high chemical and mechanical resistance, Brushed gold decorations are
regularly used for high quality decorations such as tableware and institutional ware. Thus, the substrates used for application are
mostly porcelain and bone china.


Ceratec Liquid Golds for Brush decoration

Cat No. Product No. Color Shades  Usage   Firing Temp
6GB 6GB 20 Yellow Glass 550-680
6GB 21 Yellow Glass 550-680
6GB 22 Yellow Glass 550-680
6GB 23 Yellow Glass 550-680
6GB 24 Rose Glass 550-680
7GB 7GB 30 Yellow Ceramic 720-880
7GB 31 Yellow Ceramic 720-880
7GB 32 Yellow Ceramic 720-880
7GB 33 Yellow Ceramic 720-880
9GB 9GB 40 Yellow Porcelain 780-900
9GB 41 Yellow Porcelain 780-900
9GB 42 Yellow Porcelain 780-900


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