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Ceratec Corporation: is a leading global supplier of technology-based functional coatings and color solutions. Ceratec supplies functional coatings for glass, metal, ceramic and other substrates and color solutions in the form of specialty liquid gold ,lusters and pigments and colorants for a broad range of industries and applications. Ceratec products are sold into  automotive, electronics, industrial products, household furnishings and appliance markets. The Company’s reportable segments include: Performance Coatings (metal and ceramic coatings), Performance Colors and Glass (glass coatings), and Color Solutions. 

Descriptions of the Company’s three reporting segments follow:

Performance Coatings – This segment comprises two distinct but related market applications: tile and porcelain enamel. Our tile products include specialty glazes, digital inks and digital glaze coatings for use in a variety of ceramic tile applications. Porcelain enamel is a glass-based coating. Our porcelain enamel products are used for major appliances, hot water tanks, cookware, and architectural applications. Customer value and competitive advantage are derived from our global design capabilities, product innovation and consistent quality. We are a global leader in the tile coatings and porcelain enamel spaces.

Performance Colors and Glass – Our products in this segment include color coatings and enamels for the global glass industry, which includes automotive glass, flat glass, container glass, and a range of industrial product applications. Customer value and competitive advantage are derived from color innovation, glass and surface chemistry, and application development. Ceratec is a global leader in the manufacture of materials for glass colors and glass coatings.

Color Solutions – Our products in this segment include pigments for paint, plastics, ceramics, and concrete applications; precious metal (liquid brushing golds , printing golds , lusters and   powders for conductive pastes and inks for a wide range of electronic applications; and polishing materials for ophthalmic lenses, auto finishes and display panels. Customer value and competitive advantage are derived from particle engineering, formulation capability and strong technical service.

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